Non Refundable Deposits 
Deposits are non-refundable as
1.  they hold the "chosen kitten",
2.  it takes the kitten off the market
3. it ensures committment of the buyer to their chosen kitten,
4. covers cost of caring for "their" kitten  while reserved
5.  It is your promise to follow through in a timely manner.
6.  Deposits are non-transferable to another kitten.
7.  Payment in full is by 10 weeks (pickup age) unless other arrangements have been made with seller/breeder.

1.  These rules have developed over time and are due to past issues.  99% of past buyers are Wonderful... It is that 1% that make these rules necessary.

2.  These rules are for the purpose of keeping the kittens safe from those who would purchase them (deposit), and then not follow through, letting them get too old to be easily adoptable, not paying the balance. 
 That is not fair to the kittens~

3.  "In a Timely Manner" means... Final balance is paid and they get picked up at the agreed upon time/date (Payment in full by 10 weeks old, unless you and the breeder have agreed to other terms, in advance).  
Payment in Full is the only way to defer or delay pickup.
As it interrupts the schedule intended for the next litter needing my individual attention I don't prefer to delay pickup.  Please plan to pickup your kitten at 10 weeks to 12 weeks old. 

4.  The deposit is NON-Transferable.  It has held "THAT" kitten and taken him/her off the market.  He/She thereby has lost many possible owners as most buyers fall in love with them at a very early age and watch them grow until time to pick up.  It has paid for That Kitten's food/litter/vaccinations/wormings/a/c/heat/care.  Your deposit keeps anyone else from attaching to them.

5.  Please don't put a deposit down unless or until you are sure.  It is your commitment to that kitten.  

6.  Find out about your travel plans.  If you can't come get them please don't put a deposit down on them.  
Customers travel by car or plane to get these sweethearts.  My job is to raise good kittens.  
Whether to across town or across country...
 that is up to you.

7.  Deposits are Non-Refundable Due to "All" of the above reasons.  

8.  Last, Please don't put a deposit down on kittens, agree to sign the required Spay/Neuter Contract with me... secretly planning to use them as breeders.... I have found out and you will lose your deposit!  

Thank you for your understanding and care.  
Again, I love my past buyers and they are all wonderful, We keep in contact and I love to hear from them!  This is to those who would not do right by me or my babies.


If you wish to purchase any of my babies,
 please call 256-634-0010. 
 I like to do a simple phone interview to discuss
 your purchase and any questions you may have. 
 We adore our babies and love to place them in your good home.