American Bobtail kittens get along with kids
American Bobtail kittens get along with other cats
American Bobtail kitten travels well in the car classic marble tabby from Cherokee Mountain Bobtails
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Our Past Kittens in their new homes
Tink and Tiger Bob did really well here.
He is amazing, his new family tells us.
He helps with everything!
American Bobtail kitten leash training
American Bobtail kittens get along with other cats
Arizona and his new brother 
in his new home!
Tiger Bob and Kiko's son.
He is well loved and very spoiled!
Virginia was leash trained by her new family
She does very well!
Gizmo is jumping for joy in his new home!
Yogi and Jessi in their new home.
American Bobtail kittens get along with kids
Banjo in his new home (just like my Wiley, he loves the sink) 
 They just have to be where you are!
Tabitha in her new home with brother Banjo
Koko Yamka and Tehya Sooleawa working hard to help out in their new home.... and all tuckered out!
American Bobtail kittens travel well
Traveling to Florida
Grizz is very relaxed napping in his new home with his new buddy.    And here he is now at 14 lbs and very handsome!  They say ...
" He plays fetch &knocks on doors when he can't get to me. He also likes to race me to bed and speaks for his food!!  Speaking of knocking on things... He is knocking on the cabinet where I keep his food now!  He is truly the best cat I have ever had!"
Kodiak and new brother play in his new home.
And sleeping it off with new brother!
American Bobtail kitten gets along with dogs
American Bobtail kittens get along with kids

American Bobtail kittens play dress up and eat at table
O'Malley (Rorry) patiently waiting for Christmas Eve dinner
American Bobtail kittens get along
American Bobtail kittens play dress up
American Bobtail kittens get along
O'Malley (Rorry)gifting himself!
Brotherly love as four of our brood nap on one of Annie's Christmas gift fleece blankets.
You will notice that he is wearing clothing in some of the photos.  Annie has always tried to dress up our cats, but O'Malley is the first to seem to enjoy it.  As we are big Illini fans, he wears his Illini jersey during each game to ensure good luck.  I'm now looking for knitting patterns for cats to make him new clothes for when he outgrows these.
We will continue to check your website to watch the growth of the babies.  We give thanks often to the wondrous addition you provided our family and wish you and your family the happiest of New Year's. - Catherine

American bobtail kitten plays in the tub water
Yogi and Jessi love to play in water.
Normal American Bobtail behavior!
American Bobtail kittens get along with dogs
Yogi, Jessi and Lilli
Ameirican Bobtail kitten in her new home
American Bobtail kittens get along with kids
People often ask... how are they with kids...
American Bobtail Kitten Atreyu in his new home from Cherokee Mountain Bobtails
American Bobtail kitten Wyatt in his new home
American Bobtail kittens playing on cat tree kittens from Cherokee Mountain Bobtails
American Bobtail kitten loving affectionate
Willow  much loved kitty!
Willow and Ziggy 1 year old
Phydeaux/Grafitti and his new family Jan 2012
Tabitha/Evie in her new home 
with her new blanket!
Bella-Koshka Travels well with new owners
They say...
"She is calm and relaxed and so adorable"
American Bobtail kitten on a horse longtail not docked therapy kitten
Grafitti/Phydeaux travels well by horse!!!
See inset closeup photo!
American Bobtail kittens get along
Gizmo and Kodiak playing in new kitty condo.
American Bobtail kitten Waylan in his new home napping in the sunlight
American Bobtail kitten from Cherokee Mountain Bobtails Kimmimela
Kimimela/Nahla in her new home     What a pretty girl!
Tabitha/Evie helps
 with schoolwork
I am often asked "how do boys get along from different litters"   See below Firecracker (now Humphrey)
 and older cat not from us.
And Poppy makes 3 little kittens
Prissy in her new home 
Love it when they dress up!
Gabriel/Fritz in a Woody Hat in his new home
Fritz/Gabriel  and Vulcan/Romie in their new home
Gator/Wyatt is 2!
Gator/Wyatt's new addition Konan in his new home.
I often get asked how a new kitten will do with an older established pet....The photos tell the tale.
Ladybug checks out the Ladybug.
Nahla loves treats and attention :)
Newest brags below....
Rembrandt has his own Google Page. 
 See more of him there.
He is a HOOT! 
 (and handsome to boot!) 
Red Spotted Tabby and white American Bobtail
 "Antares" at 6 wks old under 2 lbs
Anteres 1 year old Red Spotted Tabby Male
 "Antares" now at  3 yrs old 
over 14 lbs
Wishing you all the best from all of us at
Cherokee Mountain Bobtails
Warrior, a handsome American Bobtail Male Cat
Warrior, a past kitten that obviously has a nice life.
And is busy enjoying it!
sisters from different litters Jaci/Firestorm
Tigress Chillax'n in Utah
Azure, Vega and Rigel in Texas