PHONE NUMBER:  256-634-0010
Hours:  10am -8pm (CST) 
EMAIL:  TawniWolf2@juno.com
LOCATION:  Lookout Mountain
Mentone, AL  35984
40 miles south of Chattanooga, TN
80 miles east of Huntsville, AL
100 miles from Atlanta, GA
100 miles from Birmingham, AL
Mentone, AL 35984
Number and Street:
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Legend has it that the Wild Bobtail mated with the domestic cat and produced our wonderful bobtail kittens... Whether that be the case or not... We sure do love them...  They have doglike personalities, very intellegent.. and sweet gentle dispositions, and are very playful furry friends.
The Bobtail is a dominant gene that produces both long and short tail kittens... 
See Red Star below for our Location.
On the top of Lookout Mountain on a clear day you can see 7 states...
Registered Cattery with
"Rare & Exotic Feline Registry"
Non Refundable Deposits 
Deposits are non-refundable as
1.  they hold the "chosen kitten",
2.  it takes the kitten off the market
3. it ensures committment of the buyer to their chosen kitten,
4. covers cost of caring for "their" kitten  while reserved
5.  It is your promise to follow through in a "timely manner".
6.  Deposits are non-transferable.
7. Payment in full is required by 8 weeks old (pickup age) unless other arrangements have been made with seller/breeder.
Link to Deposit "Rules" Page
Call us @
10am-8pm CST
(if no answer, leave a message)
Call us @
10am-8pm CST
(if no answer, leave a message)
email me