Food, Lodging & Fun "Ideas"
in Mentone, AL
I am often asked about lodging nearby.  These below are my fav's.  At the bottom of the page is a link to most all amenities nearby.

Before picking up your kitten.
Make this event separate from pickup.
Your kitten needs the shortest trip possible to his/her new home.
Desoto State Park
Desoto Falls Lodge and Restaurant
 (closest to us at less than 5 miles away)
click lodging photo to go there
256-845-5380 for Lodging
Desoto State Park Lodge & Restaurant
Lodge room starting at $96 
(at time of publishing)
Desoto State Park Cabins starting at $160
(at time of publishing)
Desoto State Park Chalets starting at $150
 (at time of publishing)
Desoto Falls, one of our many waterfalls
Links below are to help plan kitten pickup.
Let me know if any of these links become inoperative or if you have any trouble with these links.  We have a wonderful area here on Lookout Mountain.  Have fun looking!

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Little River Canyon National Preserve
(see background image of this page)
Protected within the preserve boundary are the spectacular Little River Canyon, the pristine Little River, and a number of rare and threatened plant and animal species. Together with the adjacent Desoto State Park, Little River Canyon National Preserve provides abundant scenic views and varied recreational opportunities for locals and visitors alike.

 Little River Canyon is one of the most spectacular landforms in this region, carved into the flat top of Lookout Mountain and reaching depths in excess of 600 feet in some sections. It is one of the deepest canyon systems east of the Mississippi River and the deepest in the state of Alabama.

See more about Little River Canyon here 
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