picking up your kitten....

Pickup of kitten and travel needs....

1)  Appointment for pickup so that kitten is ready for the trip (256-634-0010 landline).  

2)  Have an appropriate  cat carrier for car travel....Kittens should always be inside carrier when you have to open the vehicle door for "necessary" stops--(Please leave a/c or heat on and someone in the car for any brief stops)

3)  small reusable or disposable litter box, if your trip home is extended, a litter box may be required.  (or puppy pads are sometimes used in the carrier).   In your home, you have their full size litter box waiting, but for the trip something smaller will do.  A medium size box, medium size plastic tub or Walmart disposable litter box all work great for temporary use.  Some people put the litter box on the floorboard in the back seat others put it in the carrier.  Personal preference.  

4)  a bottle of water (and a small bowl to put it in) Keeping kittens hydrated is most important when traveling.

5)  the dry kitten food that he/she is used to eating and a bowl to put it in. (They will have been fed their morning canned wet food and will only need their evening can ...if you are late arriving home.)

6)  a scoop (will be necessary if the litter is used).  
7)  A plastic bag for used litter removal, (as necessary).  

8)  Toys,  Toys,  Toys (help to pass the time).  Catnip toys are great as catnip first energizes and then relaxes your kitten.  (no playing with the kitten for the driver, lol :)  

9)  Optional...  Some people like to have a cat leash and harness when traveling... (for making sure the kitten is not lost at rest stops) 
especially if you will be leash training your kitten.  Obviously the leash training comes later.  The purpose now is safety when entering and exiting the car.  Be advised... I have had cats get free from their leash so it is not as safe as a carrier.  
(Never leave your new kitten in a hot car without a/c running or for extended periods.... your car may have limited time to run in a parking lot before it automatically shuts down - mine does)

10)  If staying nearby in a hotel or bed and breakfast, picking up your baby kitten in the morning is less stressful for them so they can go straight to their new home.

11)  Balance is due at pickup.  
Payment at pickup must be in Cash.  
See you soon!  :)  

I much prefer the new baby kitten(s) to be
 "picked up" by the new family 
(or your representative)
I do not prefer to ship.
Having shipped in the past, there is more opportunity for things to go wrong.
(Overfed, underfed, not kept clean, takes too long, unloved, too many animals on board... are just a few of the things I have seen go wrong.)
People do travel from all over the country to pickup....
Many are traveling by car/suv/truck 
This is much less scary for the kitten,
 than shipping alone in cargo,
& is a bonding time for the new owner/kitten.
Your going to have this kitten for 12-16-18 years. 
Pickup is once in their lifetime.  =^.^=

See local "Lodging and Food" ideas 
for your trip
on Lodging-Food-Page
(Mentone is a "vacation destination" for many as we are located on top of Lookout Mountain and near State Park Lodge & Campgrounds
Waterfalls (seasonal),
 Little River Canyon and Falls. 
And for day trips nearby: Rock CityRuby FallsTennessee Aquarium, and many other destinations...
Bed and Breakfasts destinations are plentiful here as well as economy hotels.)
Registered Cattery with
"Rare & Exotic Feline Registry"
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email me

Non Refundable Deposits 
Deposits are non-refundable as
1.  they hold the "chosen kitten",
2.  it takes the kitten off the market
3. it ensures committment of the buyer to their chosen kitten,
4. covers cost of caring for "their" kitten  while reserved
5.  It is your promise to follow through in a "timely manner".
6.  Deposits are non-transferable.
7. Payment in full is required by 10 weeks old (pickup age) unless other arrangements have been made with seller/breeder.
Link to Deposit "Rules" Page
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