However, when that is not possible....
GROUND SHIPPING... Ground shipping is my preferred shipping method for several reasons.   

One...They get individualized attention for the duration of the trip.  They are not just put in the freight/cargo section of an aircraft.  If the driver sees that they have a need, he/she can stop and provide for that need. (ex...scooping the litter box when necessary... and talking to the kitten)

Two... As I am located on top of Beautiful Lookout Mountain... I am not located near any main airports and the cost could be prohibitive to the prospective buyer .. having to add my cost of travel to the nearest airport to the cost of airline ticket, carrier, health certificate, etc...

Three... You have the ability to read reviews of the past shipments of pets done by your chosen courier (reviews by the persons on the receiving end/past customers)  You are told about their past  communication along the way, their timeliness,  the condition of the animals upon arrival and more are all rated.   You know going into the trip what to expect for your new pet.

Four... It is "my opinion",  and in my past experience, you will have a much less stressed kitten upon arrival.  Ready to play and join in the household routine.
See below for estimate to ship your kitten to you...
If you are picking up your kitten in person....
(My favorite way for them to go)
see below...

Pickup of kitten and travel needs....

Half Down non refundable deposit of kitten is made at time of purchase Paypal (preferred).

Balance is due at pickup.  
Payment at pickup must be in Cash,
 or paid in full by Paypal prior to pickup
(Paypal account not necessary as I can send you
a request from Paypal that you can pay with Debit or Credit Card
through Paypal for safety.)

Appointment for pickup so that kitten is ready for the trip is necessary.  

1)  Have an appropriate pet carrier (you don't want him/her to get loose as you make "necessary stops"-- please leave a/c on, preferably leave someone in the car, and make stops brief),  

2)  small or disposable litter box, if extended trip (puppy pads are sometimes used in the carrier as well), 
Shoe box, tin square pan, or Walmart disposable litter box all work great for temporary use)

3)  a bottle of water, (and a small bowl to put it in --  screw on lid is nice to avoid spills)

4)  kitten food that he/she is used to eating., (and a bowl to put it in)

5)  and a scoop (will be necessary if the litter is used).  

6)  A plastic bag for used litter removal, (as necessary).  

7)  Optional toys (help to pass the time)

8)  Optional...  Some people like to have a cat leash and harness when traveling... especially if you will be leash training your kitten (for making sure the kitten is not lost at rest stops).  Obviously the training comes later.  The purpose now is safety when entering and exiting the car.
(Never leave your new kitten in a hot car without a/c running or for extended periods.... your car may have limited time to run in a parking lot before it automatically shuts down - mine does)

Just for fun... Link to leash training your cat below... 
(there are other shipping companies out there but this is the one I use and am familiar with)

Use the shipping estimator (above)  to get an estimate amount 
(based on Uship pet transport recent history comparing distance/weight of your pet etc.)

  After making a deposit on "your kitten", 
 the next step would be to  click on "Get quotes" to put a listing on's Pet Transport.
Be sure to put a photo (or 3) of your kitten and make your profile so that the shippers can become interested in your kitten shipment. (listings without pics get much less attention/bids in my experience)

Individual Shippers will bid on your kitten shipment and you can click on their names to see their past history and reviews from past shipments, much the same way as ebay, amazon, etc...before you accept a bid from a shipper.  So you can pick the best one with the best reviews for your new baby kitten's transport.

After you accept a bid, name/phone numbers will be exchanged between you and the chosen transporter.
See for all rules/regulations... 

I much prefer the new baby kitten to be "picked up" by the new family if at all possible.
People do travel from all over the country to do so.... 
Many traveling by car/suv/truck and some even flying in, picking up the kitten and returning home with the kitten in a carrier for travel with them in their seat area on the plane.
 (approved carrier required see your airlines for details).
This is much less scary for the kitten and is a bonding time for the new owner/kitten.