American Bobtail King
American Bobtail Cat
American Bobtail King
Young Cherokee Mountain's Tiger Bob
American bobtail cat laughing
American Bobtail Cat
Cherokee Mountain's Tiger Bob
Cherokee Mountain's Tiger Bob
Cherokee Mountain's Tiger Bob
Cherokee Mountain's Tiger Bob
American Bobtail Cat likes to ride
Cherokee Mountain's 
Kittens sired by Tiger Bob
Twila lives in Alabama
shown here with half brother 
both out of Tiger bob
Taz is amazing and lives in Alabama
Wish I knew what he looks like now!!!!
Hint... Hint... :)
Virginia walks on a leash very nicely
and lives in Georgia
See leash training video on the Available kittens page...
Tinkerbell is a Queen here at
Cherokee Mountain Bobtails
Lovely ruff! 
and fluffy bobbed tail!
Tygger stayed here but is not 
currently one of our breeding Kings.
Amazing temperament, loves attention, comes when called (they all do!),
Does tricks.  Absolute Doll!
Jazzmyn lives here as a Future Queen
at Cherokee Mountain Bobtails.
She is currently 1 yr old and totally amazing.  Wild, intelligent, Devoted to us, Does incredible stunts like this, just to get attention.  (we save her with treats in a laundry basket, which she jumps into and she goes to next semi-dangerous spot to be "saved")

Definitely a daughter of Bob!
Arizona went to Florida
Love this one!
Look at that coat!
New family keeps us updated regularly.  Thanks so much!!!!

Bob also puts the Marble Pattern on many of his kin.
Boomer lives in Alabama
Carbon copy!
Dakota lives in Alabama
"My Boy"  Wiley at 9 wks 
 (There are those spots again!)
Waylan went to Tennessee
Awesome coat and colors, 
temperament is just the BEST
Brother to "Wiley".
His parents also keep me up to date
 with regular photos... Love it!!!
"Cally" went to Illinois
Wiley is King here at Cherokee Mountain Bobtails
Tabasco lives in Georgia... 
Brother to Wiley, & Waylan
would love to see him now!
Wiley & Tabasco at play...brothers...
Wiley in our oak tree
Grizz went to Kentucky

Gizmo went to Illinois
He is a ball of energy and in a wonderful home with other bobtails!
Yogi went to Georgia
He and sister Jessi Travel well and are great with kids!  See them on the Brag Page!
Jessi went to Georgia
She and brother Yogi
vacationed in Florida,
great in the car, with kids and in the Florida Condo.
Tiger-Bob was the first...
He is the "Main Man"
This attitude, intelligence, 
dog-like devotion, and wild looks can be found in all kittens raised here
at Cherokee Mountain Bobtails.
We love his spots!

Bob loves to ride in the car or golf cart.
He doesn't like to be left behind... :)
He will chase it and jump in.
Sometimes hanging over the seat looking back 
like a puppy.  We have to be careful or he will hitch a ride whenever a guest car is in the drive.   Comes when called.
FireStorm ( A King here at Cherokee Mountain Bobtails)  is a big boy sired by TIger Bob and Kiko
See more of him via the Kings Page.
See his first litter on Jaci Zephyra's Page

Hard to tell in this photo but lots of RED SPOTS!
Thanks DAD (Tiger Bob)
Bob's sleepy eyed look along with
his rounded facial features are only one
of the endearing qualities he passes on to
his young..  His super friendly purrsonality, intelligence, and fearlessness is also a plus.
Spots!  Spots!