Covid-19 or CoronaVirus

Who would have thought I'd have a page like this....Not me...
Anyway here goes...
Feel free to comment (helpfully).
As a responsible breeder I will NOT be breeding any more kittens this year.  I do not expect things to change radically in the coming months and travel will be difficult for many.  So with the safety of my family, my kittens and my buyers in mind, these kittens on my page that have already been born or are due to be born soon will be all that I have this year.  
To keep it light:  The girls and boys here will be unhappy to know there will be no more rendezvous planned for the rest of the year.  I would love to be wrong, but I think it will take that to put things right with our planet.
God bless us all.  
What about the kittens I already have? 
or will have soon?
We live in the NE corner of Alabama.  Our rural area has low incidence and we want to keep it that way.  
SO, if travel is still allowed between your state and mine then I suggest packing a lunch/dinner depending on the distance, bringing Lysol Wipes or other product to wipe down your gas dispensing handles and buttons to stay safe on your journey here.  I will NOT be inviting anyone to my home or cattery.  I have always done so.  But that is currently not wise.   I will meet at the interstate or other suitable area near Mentone, AL with a freshly bathed and clean kitten.  (Bring baby wipes to re-clean your kitten but also bring paper towels or towel to dry him/her to keep your kitten from getting a chill).  In our rural community we are not at high risk, but we are still acting as if we are, practicing physical distancing, washing hands, & wearing masks.  I expect the same from you. 

No sick people at pickup. 
 I'll talk to you over the phone 256-634-0010 or by email (link below).  
But make it short and sweet at pickup.

Obviously, I may have to be patient or somewhat flexible about pickup if and when our current situation gets worse. But we can discuss that when you call.  I will want you to get your kitten as soon as possible (near 10 weeks old) to bond with your kitten(s) but we will love them, enjoy them, and make them social while we have them.   Your deposit is not refundable as we will be spending that on their care (food/litter/vaccines/electric, etc).    I cannot stay abreast of all rules in all counties and states... you have to know what is allowed in your area and on the road. Be safe. Air flight is most likely out. So you must be able to drive here to get your kitten.  
Be Safe Ya'll :) 
P.S.  Please click here "Kitten Pickup" for normal pickup ideas like what to bring to keep kitten happy on the trip.  :)